(Slovenian) Justyna in njena EVS izkušnja v Črnomlju

[:si]I clearly remember the moment, when I first felt that the decision to go for an EVS was the right one. It was on the Warsaw Central Station, I was on a train, searching for a free place with my extremely heavy suitcase, waving through the window to my family. I felt nothing but excitement! No fear, no sadness, no hesitation. And so, now it is hard to believe it was nearly a year ago.

My name is Justyna. I’m 24 and since March 2017 I’m doing an EVS in MC BIT.

I still can’t say why I decided on this voluntary experience. I was doing pretty good back in Poland, just finish my bachelor, had a decent job which I really liked, I was enjoying the life in a capital city. Yet the moment I first heard about EVS I knew I should go for it! In the space of two months I’ve checked out hundreds of projects, I’ve sent few applications. While I was still waiting for being accepted I quit my job and terminated the flat agreement. I guess it’s a place to say – thank you MC BIT for saving me from being unemployed and homeless.

A person can benefit from an EVS on many levels, for someone it will be all about work experience, for another it will be the first time they are on their own. I appreciate all the duties I had as a volunteer in MC BIT. I was happy that I could combine taking care of the ‘hostel’ (which was a safe ground for me due to my previous experience in hotels) with new and often challenging tasks. However, for me, it was much more about personal growth. EVS was a time of learning, experiencing and discovering myself. I can’t count how many new and incredible things I’ve already done, just to mention few of them – during this year I was for the first time hitchhiking, using Couchsurfing, sleeping under the stars, swimming (yap, I’ve learned it here) and even had my first blackout (never offer me rakija again). I’ve had so much freedom and peace of mind. It was the first time when I could be completely focused on myself, not having to worry about anything else.

The biggest advantage of an EVS? Living in a multicultural environment. Living in another country it’s an extremely enriching experience itself, but living under the same roof with people of few different nationalities – that’s the challenge. I can’t find the words to express how happy I am to be part of this (slightly retarded) family! Love you all sooo much!

I would never expect that this voluntary experience will be so beneficial and I would gain so much from it. Still, I believe that the biggest challenge of my EVS is right in front of me. When I’m writing this words, I have 7 days until the end of this adventure. The hard part of coming back to reality is right there. I have to admit I’m terrified, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out somehow…

It might be hard to understand for you and I also can’t explain it in any reasonable way, but I fell in love with Črnomelj the moment I arrived here. In fact after 12 months here I consider it my home more than any place in Poland. I’d like to thank you, everyone, I’ve meet during this year for making my stay in Slovenia such an incredible experience!

Belokranjka do konca svojih danof!