Naša EVS prostovoljka Iulia

I chose to come in EVS for 6 months but I prolonged my contract with two more months. Why? Because it’s worth it. Unfortunately, you can live this experience once in your life.

Everybody is ask me ‘why Slovenia?’ but I think that this was the destiny: to come here with my best friend, to learn more about this country, about the people, about the possibilities. I’m glad that I spent my EVS in Črnomelj because in a small community, you can feel better the tradition, to see the roots of the culture. I’m happy going back home and knowing that I lived abroad by myself. I will go more mature. Here I learned that I’m more independent that I thought, more focused on my goals, more responsible and now I can say that I know what I’m capable of.

I helped this community with my knowledge and I think that this is the best way of evolution. With baby steps we can build something big. It’s not selfish to appreciate yourself but you need to use your talent.

Also I want to let my mark in Črnomelj, the city who was my home for 8 months, by convincing the teenagers to go in EVS, to explore the world, to come back and to use their knowledge by building their glorious future. This is an opportunity to clear your mind and focus on what you really what to do for your whole life. EVS can help you to make the best decision for your future by learning different things, by exploring new cultures, history, roots. You can learn what are you capable of and spend quality time helping yourself and others.

I met here people from different countries, cultures, roots. I made friends and our relationship won’t finish after those 8 months. I explored Slovenia and its beauty. I cried and laughed, worked and slept. I enjoyed every minute in my EVS and sometime I just ‘repeat’ those moments in my head and they always be in my heart.

I truly recommend to teenagers to go in an EVS. You will have beautiful experiences that you won’t forget in a lifetime.

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