Our Past Erasmus+ Projects

Youth Exchanges:

Revitalizing nature parks – 2015

42 participants from Germany, Spain, Macedonia, Croatia, Turkey and Slovenia took part in the exchange which took place in August 2015 in Črnomelj. They spent a week in Bela krajina, eploring the beauty of the town parks and contemplating about how to revitalize them.

Črnomelj has three nature parks – Griček, Jurjevanska draga and Majer. Up to 20 years ago, they were full of children playing and parents socializing. But with time, the social life moved online on social networks.

Before the youth exchange began, we did a survey among the people of Črnomelj and we found out that nearly half of the people are not satisfied with the way the parks are arranged and that 78% of the people would visit parks more often if they were arranged better. The research showed that what they miss the most in the parks are children’s playgrounds, litter bins, benches and drinking water. They also wish for more social and sports events, and workshops and events for children.

The purpose of the echange was to show the participants and the general population, that we need to look for the positives in our environment and to make an effort to realize those naturally given potentials. The participants spent a week organizing different events which brought life to our parks. They represented their country’s traditional games and organized some sport and social events where they bonded and got to know different cultures. The goal was to increase awareness about the meaning of green areas in urban centers, the possibilities of social inclusion at public events and the meaning of planned competence development.

The participants presented good practice examples from ther countries and prepared some interesting proposals for improving the parks in Črnomelj. All the results and suggestions will be presented to the mayor and the local community.

Manage your vote – 2015

The Manage Your Vote youth exchange took place in the city of Črnomelj (Slovenia) between 9th and 17th July 2015. The exchange was attended by 42 participants and group leaders from Slovenia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Malta, Croatia and Poland. The participants stayed at Dijaški dom Črnomelj (hostel), which is located near the city centre.

The main theme of the project was active citizenship and youth’s participation in the society. The aim of the project was to show the youth that their voice counts not only in the election time but also otherwise. They got acquainted with different practices in different environments and states, and thought about their applications in their home environment. They produced a video with the questions for the EU MPs and made seven local internet-Facebook campaigns for finding and promoting a certain random problematic issue in their home environment.

Project participants were young people, which are aware of the meaning of active citizenship and want to change their own environments for the better. Through the project, they got acquainted with the thinking of the people who were elected to decide in their name. The final goal of the project was to motivate the participants to act actively and promote active citizenship in their home environment.

Winter Jobs – 2015

The Winter Jobs youth exchange took place in February in Črnomelj and lasted for 8 days. We hosted 30 participants from Turkey, Greece, Slovakia, Croatia and Slovenia. The project itself was developed in cooperation between young people and the unemployed Turkish EVS volunteers. The main topic was the youth’s acceptance of Europe’s high unemployment.

The participants got to know some basics about business planning and some  programs which offer support with the realization of creative ideas. They  were intruduced to some good practice examples in Bela krajina and have  later developed 4 pilot projects to develop tourism in Bela krajina. The  participants also took some time to get to know each others cultures and the  way of life in Črnomelj. They have recieved the Youthpass certificate which  they can enclose in their CV’s.

Young Entrepreneurs With a Cause – 2014

The 7-day youth exchange took place in Črnomelj in the month of October. Alongside Youth Center BIT, 4 other partner organisations from Italy, Romania, Croatia and the UK helped prepare and carry out the exchange. The project hosted 27 young people interested in the opportunities social entrepreneurship has to offer.

Through the project, the participants have learned about good practice examples from young entrepreneurs. They got to know the concept of a tourist farm, brewery and business incubator and also learned about the Erasmus+ programme for young entrepreneurs. Because sustainable development and social entrepreneurship are gaining in influence on both state and European level, we have dealt with the importance of these priorities. Our wish is to see young people live, work and develop in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

The project was held in the building of Dijaški dom Črnomelj, which the owner (the state) is planning to shut down. The participants have developed some concrete touristic products which the youth center could market if it made the transition into a social enterprise. The ideas were based on providing jobs for young people and sustainable development.

Brandyourself – Speak Up! – 2014

The Brandyourself – Speak Up! youth exchange took place in August in Črnomelj. The exchange was attended by 36 participants and youth leaders from Slovenia, Croatia, Malta, Portugal, Bolgaria and Greece.

The participants were young people who are either unemployed or just about the enter the labour market. What all participating countries have in common is a rapid growth of youth unemployment. The activities lasted for 8 days but the participants had already done some research prior to comming to the exchange. The main goal of the project was to make video CVs, which enable a different approach to making employers aware of the young person’s potentials and his or her will to work.

We encouraged the participants to start planning ther personal competences development. We wanted to motivate them to realize their ideas and look for employment. Through the project, a short video about the exchange was made:

Our long-term wish is to make youth unemployment one of the main social topics and to see youth organisations play a bigger role in solving this problem.

EuroFanBasket – 2013

The EUROFANBASKET youth exchange took place in Črnomelj in September 2013, during the European Basketball Championship. In the city centre, 48 participants and group leaders from 8 countries (Slovenija, Croatia, Poland, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Latvia and Lithuania) established a fan zone, rebuilt a basketball court, created bins (baskets), learned about and explore the sports culture of different countries.

Throughout the project they learned about the importance of sport as a form of active citizenship and as a tool for developing positive values in society. They also learned about the impact European institutions and European elections have on their own future.

Living with nature – 2013

The bilateral youth exchange Living with nature, took place in the village of Adlešiči in the Nature park Kolpa. The 28 participants from the communities of Črnomelj and Antilo (Sicily) spent 7 days in the camp where, through different activities, they got acquainted with the life in nature.

Some of the skills they acquired were: tent making and placing, traditional food preparation and work on the farm. Overall, they spent a lot of time on the river Kolpa, danced the traditional folklore dances, met some interesting elements of Italian and Slovenian culture and in the end strengthened the bonds of friendship for future collaborations. Participants made a greeting card and a short promotional movie about the river Kolpa for the community of Antilo.

Youth Initiatives:

Two states – One future again 2013-2014

The Two states – One future again project managed to connect, through various activities, the youth of fraternal municipalities of Črnomelj in Slovenia and Duga Resa in Croatia. The project lasted for 16 months during which various sport, cultural and educational activities took place. Participants created a short film about the life of youth on on both sides of the border river Kolpa. Through the project, the youth got acquainted with various working methods, such as coworking, research, field work on public opinion, online-work, communication through modern digital media, organization of events, work in the Audio-visual laboratory KBŠ (Society of students of Bela krajina), organization of media conference, various brainstorming themes, writing of new projects and planning a youth exchange. The biggest asset of the project are the new projects created on the basis of new contact between various groups, and planning of new events and projects which will follow in the Erasmus+ program .


The project gathered 7 young activists, which organized several different activities on the topic of Roma community, arts and culture. In the project, several interactive and creative workshops took place (dancing, photography, sculpturing, jewelery making,…) and also an arts exhibit, they made a video about the project and a mini Roma dictionary. A research among the Roma population was also made, which gathered their stories and opinions. The project lasted for 16 months, and during that time the participants learned about tolerance and overcame the stereotypes and prejudices about the Roma population. They got to know their culture and also researched and discovered the causes for the high unemployment amongst the Roma people.

A publication about the project

Pocket dictionary of Bela krajina’s Roma language

Monocycling Park

The Monocycling Park project was applied by and informal group of young people under the leadership of Nebojša Spasojevič and mentorship of Boris Lozar. The built a monocycling park with 126 obstacles and a transportable track. They have also established a society and organized a national competition. Through the project, they have linked up with our youth center and also started to engage in our other projects as volunteers.

20 years of alternative culture in Bela krajina

The 7-month project took place at MKK in Črnomelj, but it covered the area of Bela krajina and the South-east region. The theme of the project was to appropriately celebrate the 20 years of MKK Bela krajina and to educate the youth so that they will be able to continue this tradition of respecting different ways of expressing oneself, different cultures, and to continue to strive to culturally and politically vitalize the rural area. We carried out lectures, workshops and concerts, and have also published a publication which, through the voices of previous members, speaks about the vision of the MKK.

Zbornik ob 20-letnici MKK Bela krajina