About Youth Center BIT


Youth center BIT is the first youth center in the Bela krajina region (SE Slovenia), established by the end of the 2004, by the two most active youth associations in the region (MKK-Youth Cultural Club, KBS-Students´ Society of Bela krajina). It is located in the city center of Crnomelj and joins the Info office and MKK Club. It has been lead mostly by volunteers and supported by contract partners. Our main target group are young people between 15 and 30 years of age. A special attention is dedicated to the young people with less opportunities, especially those with social, economic and educational barriers.

Youth center BIT´s vision is to create a team, that will efficiently work towards fulfillment of young people´s needs and will consequently encourage youngsters to identify with the values of organisation. The mission is to prepare and coordinate programs and projects, that enable young people to spend their spare time in a creative way and to fulfill their educational, expert, cultural, artistic and other needs.

The program objectives of the organization are following:

– To encourage active youth participation and European citizenship

– To inform youth about different topics, connected with everyday life

– To offer adequate advice and to refer users to the suitable institutions

– To provide conditions, that will enable youngsters to spend their spare time in a creative way

– Non-formal education and training for youth work

– Promotion and involvement of young people in voluntary work

– To raise awareness and reduce the consequences of deliquent behavior among youth

– To encourage self-iniciativness and creativity of young people

– Direct and constant communication with the local youth in order to fulfill their needs

– To promote political (participation in decision-making processes) and social youth participation

– To provide participation of local youth in international activities

– Cooperation and networking with similar organizations of local, national and international level

Main fields of our work are:

– Youth information and counseling (individual and group),

– Non-formal education and projects on the local level (workshops, courses, presentations, round table discussions, exhibitions, conferences, youth initiatives),

– International youth projects (European Voluntary Service, Youth Exchanges, Training Courses, Seminars, Job shadowing activities, Networking),

– Club program (Non-commercial/alternative concerts, Stand up comedy shows, festivals).

Youth center BIT in 2012 acquired the status of an organization acting in the public interest in the youth field.